Ashley Joi

About the Artist


Ashley Joi is an Abstract Painter, and Mixed-Media Artist with her own unique style of creating. Her artwork introduces an experience for the eye, often described as a dance, bouncing from detail to detail while exploring texture and unique concepts.

Ashley attended Hampton University, where she studied Fine Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design. She considers herself to be an Art School-Self-Taught hybrid, exploring techniques and materials on her own to develop a unique mixed-media style.


A Washington, D.C. Area native, Ashley lived in San Diego, California for four years, where the open-minded culture allowed her to explore non-traditional subject-matter in her paintings. Even without these limitations, she found herself driven to paint women in majestic, imaginative, fantasy settings. Over time, these pieces have become referred to by Ashley’s collectors as “The Goddesses”, each with their own story and more cohesive in their concept than in their style of creation.

Ashley resides in Northern Virginia with her daughter, Kali, who is also a budding Artist! 

In 2018 Ashley embarked on a career as a Professional Fine Artist, and participated in a number of gallery exhibits, pop-up art shows, and was a featured artist in a Washington DC women's pop-up throughout the summer. Her year concluded with Ashley being a part of an art engagement featuring her artwork alongside the musical stylings of Esperanza Spalding and Yo-Yo Ma, in an exhibit entitled "Black Gold". 

Ashley shares much of her art development on social media, along with stories about her life as a mother, artist, and entrepreneur. For more of Ashley Joi’s creative journey, follow her on Instagram and Facebook!


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