Ashley Joi

About the Artist


Ashley Joi Whitley is an abstract Painter, specializing in her own unique style of art that incorporates mixed-media elements with traditional painting techniques. Passionate about depicting black women and girls in often unseen imaginative and uplifting imagery, her artwork introduces a new experience for the eye, combining bold colors with intricate detail to create depth and movement.

A Washington, D.C. Area native, Ashley discovered a love for painting during her Richmond, Virginia Governor’s School Art Residency in 1999. Upon completing an International Baccalaureate certificate in fine art in 2001, she went on to attend Hampton University, where she studied fine art with an emphasis in graphic design. After applying her graphic design education to positions in sales and marketing, and creating graphic work for companies including Pulte Homes, and Voice of America, Ashley began to explore incorporating graphic elements into her work through mark-making, texture mediums, and the addition of mixed-media elements.

Ashley’s mission as an Artist has been to spread joy through her creations, and offer positive, peaceful, therapeutic, and meditative imagery for the viewer. Her work has been displayed at several galleries, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and many events in Washington, D.C. and surrounding major cities. Her work is owned by collectors throughout the United States. 

Ashley Joi resides in Northern Virginia with her daughter, Kali Joi, who is also a budding Artist. At seven years of age, Kali’s original work has already been featured in three exhibits, and has sold to Art Collectors in various U.S. states.


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